Friday, March 1, 2013

New residency - at home!

After reading a lot of art bloggers talking about how hard it is to stay focussed on their art - especially as Spring approaches - my friend and fellow artist Pat Moore and I decided on a unique way to challenge ourselves.  We have decided to participate in an arts residency - IN OUR OWN STUDIOS!

I can easily recall how motivated and focussed I was during last summer's residency in Alberta so I thought I would see if I could reproduce that - and in fact make it a habit.  And, what better place to develop good habits than in your own studio!

Here are the "terms" we decided on:

March 1- April 15

  • Make a finished piece of art weekly
  • Explore 1 new medium
  • Produce 1-2 “showable” pieces by end of term
  • Teach the others something new (or help them learn – ex links )
  • Complete at least 1 series
  • Diary daily on experience
  • Make a plan for future learning/art experiences
  • Produce work for sale
  • Identify places to submit art for shows etc.
  • Produce work for upcoming shows – AAS, Iceolation, HWSDA
  • Create a joint project

Personal goals
  • 6 felt art purses
  • 6 ceramic pieces
  • 6 silk art works
  • Items for the following shows
    • Iceolation
    • YKARCC
    • AAS
    • HWSDA
    • Grandmothers
  • Create a master plan for shows
  • Create a plan and timeline for hard/soft body of work and start on 2 pieces
  • Create marketing/promotional plan and pieces
  • Create residency plan
  • Figure out how to link/use blogs/twitter/facebook better
  • Finish 6 “left over” projects.
  • Attend all arts mentoring/crit training sessions
So what do you think?  Doable?  We'll see - I am up for the challenge!  I will be posting progress updates daily on my studio blog....and posting completed pieces here  - stay tuned.