Thursday, April 18, 2013

New group show opens tomorrow

I am excited to be one of the invited artists in this show opening tomorrow...

I have two pieces - one in the main gallery and one in the black light gallery.  here is a bit more about each one...

Poison Patch

Materials: Hand felted fish, knitted plastic shopping bags, wood tray and hand-dyed simulated roe

Inspiration: The plastic of the great pacific garbage patch is slowly killing our oceans.  Many fish are trapped beneath the patch and although they continue to spawn, their roe dye from lack of nutrients.  There is no hidden story here.

This is an interactive piece.  Over the duration of the show, the simulated roe will dry up to further the point of life erosion.

Atlas Shrugs

Materials: hand-felted wool globe, plastic army men.

Inspiration:  Recent news of North Korea and other nations building and or/rebuilding weapons stores and continued military presence around the world had me thinking of a world with no army men.  Could we survive?  Do we stand on their shoulders  or do we dye from their wounds?

Pictures will follow after the show opens...