Saturday, September 1, 2012

back from Residency

Thank you to Fort Chipewyan!  I am back from a month in this tiny community on Lake Athabasca in northern Alberta and I must say have been moved and inspired by my experience.  First some shots of this beautiful community...
Lake Athabasca



Modern application

The site of the first fort 
The location, environment and local issues all played a part in inspiring my work.  My studio was located in the town hall and afforded both time and space to be exploratory and creative.  In total, I produced 35 showable works of which 29 will be featured in a group show Sep 6-30 in Fort MacMurray, AB.

Although I have always produced "pretty" work, this residency helped me realize that it is the stories that drive my work - not the look of the finished piece or even the process of creation. I am moved to tell stories through my art and it is this expression that is the most fulfilling for me.  Once the story is told and the piece is finished - I am happy if the appreciator can find the story but equally happy if they just like the work.

I was able to share my time during this residency with a fellow artist, Alisdair Macrae.  Alisdair was also an inspiration and his work and medium has excited me to new directions.  Since I am used to working alone in my studio, I was quite amazed at how much I came to rely on his critiques and feedback and enjoyed his quirky character - my growth as an artist can be partly attributed to him as well.

A heartfelt thank you to all who made this possible - the folks who set up the residency, the people of the community and my husband who helped me free my time to do it.