Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Busy as artist, busy at other.

This time of year is a busy time for me in my "other" capacity as a corporate trainer, consultant and professional facilitator.  Usually this means my art practice is on hold until mid December or so.  This year I am trying something different....

Having had so many great experiences in art over 2012, I have decided to try to make sure I keep "art in the every day".

I am entering group shows and contests, working on three (yes three!) different bodies of work and planning a solo show.  Also, I have been so busy in my "business" in the past, I have neglected the "business" of my art - so I am also updating my collaterals, improving my cv and connecting with like minded artists and galleries around the world.

And I am committed to doing this every day while working a little more than  full time in my "other" capacity.

Now before you tell me I'm crazy or I'll burn out - I have been doing this for a month now....

... and I love it!  It is energizing and motivating to "art" everyday and I think it helps me stay energized in my "other" role.  The only negatives?  I have no idea whats on tv and I am tending to eat out a lot more.  So be it.

Here's a couple of photos from my most recent group show.  The "Anonymous" show at Down to Earth Gallery. 100 6x6 canvasses created by artists who committed to keeping their authorship secret until purchase.  This photo shows  two pieces I have on display.  Guesses?

Oct 7, 2012  The show has closed so I can show you which ones are mine now.... did you guess?  These 2 pieces are a departure from my fibre art but I guess its indicative that I think of myself as an artist first and the medium second...

...here is "Giant" and "Legacy".  "Giant" is a copper tooling of closed YK GIant Mine with a black patina added to represent the black legacy of the mine. "Legacy" is gold leaf, rhinestones, black texture gel and rocks from the Canadian shield from the shores of Prelude Lake.  Together they represent the North's legacy to us.